Unwrapped: White Rose Hoi An, Vietnam - Street Food World Tour
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Unwrapped: White Rose Hoi An, Vietnam

Street Food World Tour - Vietnam White Rose

Unwrapped: White Rose Hoi An, Vietnam

Who doesn’t like white roses? They are so pretty and smell lovely. EXCUSE ME, this is a food blog. We are referring about the food dish called White Rose silly.  White Rose is a has a secret recipe held by one family in Hoi An, Vietnam who supplies all the restaurants. Why white rose you ask? Because it looks just like a white rose silly. One of our favorite things to do in Hoi An was eating, and white rose were one of our favorites. We hadn’t seen this dish in any other Vietnam destinations, so make sure to try it in Hoi An.

Street Food World Tour - Vietnam White Rose


White Rose or banh bao vac in Vietnamese

What’s in White Rose?:

Dumpling comprised of rice paper with meat filling (shrimp or pork), toasted garlic and served with sweet dipping sauce (shrimp broth, hot chilies, lemon, and sugar.)


White Rise in Hoi An Vietnam


70,000 Vietnamese Dong (3.5USD)***See Below

On the Tongue:

First time seeing white rose on the menu, I feared that I might be served a flower or part of a flower.  Many places around Asia serve up morning glory on their menu.  When I was brought my bouquet I mean plate of white rose I didn’t want to take a bite, as I would destroy the presentation.  These little guys really do look like small white roses! Whoever named this dish must of been a genius.

Finally, I took my last photos and begin to consume the white roses. The texture of the skin is moist and gummy, similar to that of a fresh spring roll. White rose is always topped with a more than generous amount of fresh fried crunchy garlic.The flavor of the meat is savory but in no way overwhelmingly fishy. My white rose was served with shrimp, which is the most common way in Hoi An but they can be served with other meats.


4 sporks

White rose is a great dish to order as a starter for yourself or if your feeling generous enough to share.  You will have room for other tasty street eats, as white rose won’t fill you up.

***We got the tourist price on this dish, we only came to this restaurant because it is rumored to hold the secret recipe. We already sat down, and the cameras out so we stayed and ordered. The menu had 20 pages and only 1 page with 2 dishes, that’s not suspicious at all is it?!?! No Vietnamese would pay these prices, as you can easily get White Rose at other restaurants from 20,000 Dong and up per plate of usually 8. We sampled it at Cafe 43 for 30,000 Dong and Miss Ly for 50,000 Dong.

We spent 6 days eating our way around Hoi An, and it is apparent they have a whole take on dishes.  Make sure to check out the other unwrapped Hoi An dishes. Have you ever had white rose? What did you think? Where did you have it?

After a feast head back to your hotel and relax. Hotels in Vietnam are a steal, midrange hotels options in Southeast Asia are expanding! For $20 a night you can have a 3-star hotel, pool, Wi-Fi, breakfast, A/C, and much more.


  • Tina Dew
    Posted at 18:55h, 21 April

    I had them when I was there and talk about heavenly. I love the texture of the tapioca wrapper and the shrimp in Vietnam is always so sweet and juicy.