About - Street Food World Tour
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Street Food World Tour is your digital tour of the street cuisine. Follow us as we circle the globe in search of the best grub.

We firmly believe some of the best food you will ever eat happens when you are sitting on a plastic chair next to a street cart full of amazing local food!

How to use this site:

-Follow along country by country in the destinations pages, or follow dish by dish on the blog and facebook.

-Looking to recreate some of our street food eats at home, check out the recipes section.

-The Insta Yum section will feature street food battles, where we match up the town’s best dishes and the most famous places and will award one with the Golden Spork award.

-Come unwrap a dish in the UnWrapped section where we break down local dishes.

-Every once in awhile a restaurant steals our stomachs, a complete review of our love affairs with these restaurants will be reviewed.